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What is a fixed or indexed annuity?

An annuity is a contract in which an insurance company makes a series of payments in return for a premium (or premiums) that you have paid. During the accumulation period, the contract earns interest (typically on an annual basis) that grows tax-deferred until you are ready to receive a lump sum or a guaranteed stream of payments.

Why buy a fixed or indexed annuity?

• You can generate guaranteed income for life!

• Premium protection-If the market goes down, you don’t lose a penny!

• You have the potential to lock in gains and not go backwards!

• Many carriers offer a bonus to boost retirement savings immediately!

• NO management fees.

• Health care benefit riders are available in the event you don’t have a long term care policy or can’t afford one!

If you have high managed account fees, money that continues to ride the up and down rollercoaster, questions about whether or not you will have Social Security benefits when you reach retirement age or you wonder what your payment will be, a fixed or indexed annuity might be the answer for you. 

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